Juniors Membership / Match Fees 2017/2018

U10s win

Junior Section


Junior membership fees for Full Year when paid by end September 2017, OR TWO payments payable by the end September 2017 and January 2018.

Preferred payment method direct transfer/SO to

HSBC Bank – Contact Junior Treasurer (Penny Kawecki) for details

Using your children’s names as reference or by Cheque payable to Yate Junior Hockey Club (with children’s names written on back of Cheque).

Please note that junior members who train (and play) with the adult teams e.g. those 14+ year of age will be expected to pay the U18 rate of payment to the adults club. At present this is £99 subs and £10 per week (for training and match) for the men or £99 subs and 5x monthly payments of £26 for the ladies. Please speak to Vicki, Zoe or a club treasurer for further information.

New Players
New players of all ages / gender are very welcome

First Aid
There are three first aiders that we have. If there any more out there, please can you let us know.

Selection Policy
Where possible, we will endeavor to ensure that all of the children are given the opportunity to play in Junior matches but – for the younger ones – the coaches will have to assess when they are ready. The focus of our junior section is about the development of the player in both their physical, technical and tactical understanding of the game. With this in mind, whilst we all love a win, the focus will always be on the quality of play and our desire to see our junior members embrace the club spirit. This must be working with record numbers at the club and tournament wins across all age groups in the last two seasons!


Players are asked to use shin-pads & gum shields. We have a number of sticks that can be used by new players. Gum-shields can be purchased at a range of outlets or you may choose to take advantage of our new dental scheme the club has arranged and purchase a Yate HC gum-shield which is fitted properly by a dentist… this is especially recommended for all players who are now on their adult set of teeth!

Club Kit can be found under the “Club kit” page.

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